New decade—new digital giving deals!

Save for the next 3 years* when you switch to Kindrid

  • $0/month giving plan with no software or security fees
  • The lowest processing fees in the industry (1.99% tiered)
  • Free text giving
  • A free customizable church app

Make 2020 the year your church puts the most money towards your vision.

Now, you can lock in the LOWEST RATE IN THE INDUSTRY for 3 years*!

Standard Rates
Your Deal
Monthly Fee
MinistryOne App
Monthly Minimum
Card Rate
1.99%* Tiered
Card Per Item
ACH Rate
ACH Per Item

What makes Kindrid better than your current provider?

  • Seamless (and automatic) ChMS integrations
  • Accepts credit, debit, and ACH (eChecks)
  • Customizable forms for event registration and more
  • Unlimited funds
  • Multiple ways to give: text, mobile, online, and kiosk giving
  • Easy-to-manage recurring giving options
  • Powerful reporting to organize and manage giving data
  • Money-saving features like giver helps cover processing fees

Plus, every church that switches is matched up with a Success Coach—a real person focused on your church's needs

Still on the fence? Grab the free eBook,

How to Successfully Choose and Switch to the Best Giving Platform for Your Church

Inside, you'll take an in-depth look at what it takes to choose and switch digital giving platforms. Don't hesitate to share the guide with your church staff, leaders, and anyone you think might find the information helpful!

Terms & Conditions

Offer valid for new customers only. $0/month software fees and 1.99% tiered processing rate is based on receiving a fully executed contract within 30-days of sign up. If the three (3) year contract is not signed within 30-days, software fees and processing fees will revert to the $15/month plan rates. Customers have 60-days from sign up to cancel without penalty. Customers must maintain between $4,000 - $6,000 in processing volume each month in order to avoid the $100 minimum on the plan. If a lesser amount than $4,000 - $6,000 is processed, the $100 fee will be assessed proportionally.

Should your church wish to cancel your account before the 3-year term agreement is complete, the termination fee will be calculated by multiplying the monthly minimum ($100) by the number of remaining months in the contract (i.e: If you have 6 months left in the contract, you would be assessed $600 to terminate your account).

Rates associated with the tiered plan are determined by the type of credit/debit card the donor is using to make their gift. From our experience, a majority of gifts will process at the 1.99% rate, but card types like reward cards or corporate cards can sometimes be assessed at a higher rate. For accounts utilizing this pricing plan, we typically see the overall effective rate between 2.1% to 2.4% depending on the card types used.

Promo accounts will be onboarded on reserve prior to contract approval, dependent on underwriting approval. This means that the organization will be able to process transactions normally, however funds will not be deposited until either 1) the contract is signed* or 2) if the contract was not signed within 30 days.**

*Once the contract is signed, funds will be released, and processing and funding will occur as normal.

**If the contract is not signed within 30 days, received gifts will be pushed to the organization's account, fees will revert to the $15/month pricing plan, and funding and processing will occur as normal.

Note: regardless of whether or not the contract is signed, the first month's processing invoice will be assessed at the promo rates. If the contract is not signed, the 2nd month's processing invoice will be assessed at the $15/month plan rates.