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Kindrid is a new, uniquely structured approach to generosity, built from the ground up to equip your church.

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Positioned For Impact.

Kindrid is the new entity created through the partnership of Life.Church and OneHope; two organizations caring deeply about equipping the local church. Our return on investment is kingdom impact. These unique values allow us to pursue an entirely new approach to giving.

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Kindrid Unleashes Generosity.

There is tremendous impact in generosity both for the recipient and for the giver. We believe there is an ocean of generosity waiting to be unleashed. We are encouraging people to tithe and beyond, this requires tools and methods built around an understanding of generosity.

Smart Giving: Our Entirely New Approach to Giving

We‘ve rethought everything from the ground up. How giving is communicated, how it‘s experienced, how it‘s structured, how it‘s sustained, and how it works.

How It‘s Communicated

We‘ve taken a respectful approach from every angle of giving. We empower the Church to communicate giving in a simple way. Taking the emphasis away from the technical details and putting it back on the relationship.

How It‘s Experienced

Giving is not a transaction, the experience of giving should reflect the nature of giving. Our technology lends itself back to a participatory act of worship. When you give you are thanked, encouraged and reminded of what giving is about. Giving is an essential and sacred act.

How It‘s Structured

We‘re doing something different. Instead of every church paying different processing fees and negotiating on their own, we‘re negotiating on behalf of everyone. This means you‘re in a community. A community of churches that are all working together to provide the best generosity experience.

How It‘s Sustained

We‘ve built Kindrid so that the bigger we grow, the more your church benefits. We have two supporting organizations committed to a return of Kingdom impact. Kindrid is sustainably structured in a way where our success is poured back into your growth.

How It Works

Seamlessly. No more remembering passwords or swiping cards, no forgotten checkbooks or missing cash. The mechanics of giving are replaced by a delightfully simple way to give any amount, at anytime, from anywhere. It opens up new channels of giving and supports the relationship between your church and attenders.