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How can we help?

Below are the answers to some common questions. If you have more, reach out to us by email, phone or on Twitter.

General Questions

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Is Smart Giving secure?

Yes. All financial information is stored with bank level security. All information is encrypted and stored by our banking partner to Level 1 PCI compliant standards. Level 1 PCI compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party, Level 1 PCI is the highest possible rating. Additionally all transmission to our banking partner and on our site is via an encrypted HTTPS connection.

How does the giving process work?

With a text or the click of a button, Smart Giving is the simplest way to give. Watch this video to see exactly how it works:

How is Smart Giving different than other text-to-give options?

Smart Giving includes a simple text giving ability but isn’t limited to only text. Smart Giving encapsulates an approach to giving built around generosity. The Smart Giving system includes all the materials you need to roll out a complete digital giving system to your church, by text, app, or web, and integrates into your church management software, and much more!

Why is Kindrid Smart Giving better than other giving options?

Kindrid is offering a new approach to generosity focused on the needs of the local church. You can learn more about what this means on our about us page. Below are four of the major reasons churches choose to partner with Kindrid:

  1. Simplicity

    Kindrid provides the simplest ways to receive gifts. Fundamentally, we believe that making giving easier increases generosity. Our Smart Giving system doesn't require navigating to a website, filling out forms each time you want to give, or downloading an app, and it works on all smartphones.

  2. Customized rollout and on-going support.

    There's a big difference between having a tool and communicating its use. We leverage all of our learning from working with hundreds of churches to provide you customized slides, videos, and printable materials ensuring success, and support doesn’t stop once rollout is complete.

  3. Smooth integration

    A system isn't simple unless it works for givers and administrators. That's why we offer real-time tracking of giver information, database integration, designation tracking, campus tracking, API integration, and many more features.

  4. Focus on the church.

    We proudly serve the local Church. Whether it’s our simple and affordable pricing structure or actively developing new and exciting features, we do so with one goal in mind: building a culture of generosity at your Church.

Can I try Smart Giving first?

Yes! Text "demo" to 45777 to try out Smart Giving—you’ll receive a sample message back. Or click here to try out the Smart Giving Button.

Do you have information I can share with my Church?

Yes! We've prepared a simple two page document that goes over all the basics of who Kindrid is and what we offer through Smart Giving. This is a great resource you can print off or email to someone in your church.

Setup & Integrations

How long does it take to set up an account with Kindrid, and what information do I need?

You can have your Kindrid account set up and be receiving gifts in 10 minutes. First, simply choose between “Smart Giving” and “Smart Giving Pro” and you’ll be guided through the signup process. There are four steps:

  1. Church information: your church address, phone number, tax ID number, and other basic information.
  2. Bank information: the bank account and routing number of the account daily deposits will be made into.
  3. Debit / Credit Card: this will be the debit or credit card to which a monthly fee will be charged
  4. Choose a Smart Giving number: complete this final step and your account is now live! Once your account is live, you’ll be emailed next steps and customized materials to help you roll out Smart Giving to your church.

Does Smart Giving integrate with my existing church management software?

Kindrid has built direct integrations for Smart Giving into the following systems: Church Community Builder, Breeze, Ministry Platform, Fellowship One, Shelby, Arena, and ACS. We also work with churches using a variety of other management software. Even without a direct integration we offer a variety of tools to make importing the data simple.

We additionally offer a REST API & Webhooks for churches looking to build a custom integration.

Can Smart Giving integrate into my church's app?

Yes! Smart Giving integrates directly into your church's existing app. This feature is available on all plans for no additional cost!

Integrating into your existing app is a great option since Smart Giving doesn’t require downloading a new, separate app just for giving. Instead, Kindrid simplifies the giving experience by integrating directly into the app your church already uses. If you need an app, we recommend Subsplash Church Apps and Bluebridge Apps for a seamless way to connect with your church.

Can Smart Giving be customized for our brand?

Yes, we offer this as a free feature on all plans.

I'm with a multi-campus church, can we track giving across campuses with Smart Giving?

Yes. With Smart Giving you can track giving for multiple campuses and keywords. These designations can also tie directly into CCB, F1, and other church software.

Does Smart Giving support designated giving?

Yes. Every plan comes with an ability to set up an unlimited amount of designations. These can also be customized on a per campus basis.


When do I receive deposits on these gifts?

Deposits are batched and issued, less the transaction fee, every business day. They will actually appear in your bank account two business days later.

How do we keep track of our giver information?

We provide you a dashboard to track all your giver information. You can access a test version of this at You can download all giver data in an excel spreadsheet from your dashboard. You can also add admins to your account, set up designations, and much more! This information can be integrated with you church management tool of choice.

How does the bank reconciliation process work?

Kindrid provides a deposit report corresponding to every deposit made into your bank account. Each deposit report contains all the information about every gift and giver making up that deposit. This makes the reconciliation process simple. You can view a sample of this report here.

Giver Experience

How do givers edit their information?

Givers edit their information, switch out payment sources, and view their giving history by texting the word EDIT to your church’s Smart Giving number. They can also access this information via the Smart Giving button on your church’s website.

Have more questions?

Email is best:
Or on Twitter at: @_kindrid
Or by phone: (616) 419-8812 (M-F, 9-5 EST)